File contains more than one data stream: Volume does not support this feature

I’ve been copying MP3 files between computers for years now, but today I got an error message I’ve never seen before. I’d be grateful if someone could explain to me what it means:

The file ‘[filename].mp3’ contains more than one data stream, but the destination volume does not support this reature. Some data will not be preserved as a result.

Information that will not be preserved includes:


The NTFS filesystem supports Alternate Data Streams for a file; these ADS usually contain meta-information about a file.

IIRC the Zone Identifier contains information about the origin of the file when downloaded using e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox, typically that it was downloaded from the Internet rather than from the local network or local machine. This information can be removed using the Properties dialog on a file and the Unblock button.

Since FAT-type filesystems don’t support Alternate Data Streams, they will be removed on copy.

I agree. :iagree:
My TV recording software is using ADS for storing information about the recording, like EPG data and similar.