"File Cluster" error

When i put two video files in CtoX, it puts the first file in and gives me an error for the second.

The error is as follows: “File “xxx” is already inside a file cluster. Skipped”

I have to put the file in AGAIN to get it in the program, the second time it stays. I have also noticed that when i do this setup, the size it outputs is about 4.60 gigs. I have to manually set it to 3800mb to get it around 4.30ish.

What does that error mean?

Got the answer from the sister site…

"Hi there,

If you load .VOB files all you need to do is load the 1st .VOB file and ConvertXtoDVD will load the rest for you.

I think it’s not displayed on the screen, but knows to continue on the 2nd, 3rd file etc…

I think if you files are also called:

Movie Name 01.AVI
Movie Name 02.AVI
Movie Name 03.AVI

it knows to load 02, 03, 04 etc… when you add the 1st one. " -tabby