File Browser/organizer help!

Well have been a while since I got my new 250GB USB HDD … and now Im moving all my Mp3, Pic, ISOs, etc. ++ to that HDD. But the problem I have is that I have 4 Inernal HDDs with like 6 Par. so all my stuff is all around the place in 4 HDDs. What I need is a realy good fileorganizer ore a good filebrowser so I can make things more easy moving when it comes to moving all my stuff from the internal HDDs to the USB HDD. Hopefully I have things more organized when I get it on to the USB HDD but since its a nightmare to transfer like 160-200GB into my 250GB USB HDD things would help if I could get a filebrowser ore organizer that had som for of queue-function ore something so I could simply put things i line, and when I haveing a cup of coffee infront of the tv I could simply start the transer from etc. folders ++ thats in queue over to the USB HDD … Does such app. exist ?

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your my only hope


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