File Assoc. Prob and cant view pic's

Hi I’m new to burning photos and vidios and I burnt some with (WinXP Pro) Nero Express Bundled all goes well but when I view them all I see are 5 Folders: CDI EXT MPEGAV SEGMENT & VCD

I’ve tried to view the files in the folders and unfortunately I accidently associated the .dat files with note pad and the .vcd files with Media player I slipped up with the check box for “allways use the selected program to open this kind of file” I know how to re-associate the files with another program but dont know what program to associate them with, but I dont know how to unassocate them as they were originally.

Surely there is an easier way to view photos and vidios from a disk. (I have a new Fuji S3500 camera) Also I would like to move them to other family members computers

If anyone can help a dum dum like me I would appreciate it thank you in advance

You have burned a VideoCD or Super VideoCD disc. This is a disc that contains a movie of your photo’s/video’s and you should be able to play the disc with software like Microsoft Media Player or PowerDVD or something similar. You don’t have to open the individual files since all of them contain the main movie. So, just pop the disc in your player and open a media player application and tell it to open the disc. That should do the trick! If your standalone DVD player supports (Super) VideoCD you should also be able to play the disc in your DVD player.

Hi G@M3FR3@K thanks for your reply unfortunately when I put the disk in and wait an explorer window opens that has the 5 folders (not the usual box with the choice of programs) If I try to open it in a viewing program I get the 5 folders. I have tried burning my photos and vidio as data disks and it works.
Ive uninstalled Nero and reinstalled but still the same (but at least I can now view pictures if I do them as data)

When I’ve burnt something to disk and the disk ejects I get a Question asking if I want to save changes and I always say no.

I would appreciate it if anyone can help me with this otherwise I will burn pictures as data thanks in advance

Does anyone have any ideas

Not sure if this is what you want, but just incase:

“You can play VCDs with Windows Media Player, insert the VCD in your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and browse to the MPEGAV folder and double click on the .dat file and associate it with Media Player and open them with that.”

Got this from;37

This makes it sound to me that Windows Media Player will play the file but it will not play it automatically upon insert of the CD.

Thanks RichMan I tried that and it works except it shows the video streched and distorted (the same video burned as data worked ok) and the photos wont open even If I try with Windows Picture & Fax Viewer, Yet if I burn a disk as Data I can see photos with windows Picture & Fax Viewer and vidios with media player also if burnt as data and viewed through windows explorer I see .jpg photos and video as .AVI and burned as VideoCD I see windows folders with a multitude of files.

I think either I am doing something wrong when burning or my camera program is messing it up.