File and Folder backup

Hi, I was wondering what would be good software to use to backup, and compress files. I currently want to backup my music (7.9GB) onto a DVD. I’m not sure if Winrar is the right tool for the job.

You can use many different programs to do this.

Simplest would be to put it onto 2 DVD’s.

Other than that you could use WinAce, Win RAR or WinZip to compress your files down. If your music is in Mp3 format I am not sure how much compression you will get.

Another compression software is 7z. It is better than WinRAR in my tests. I tested with EXE files though… But drawback is if you want to compress that much data… You better have a good day at work and a good sleep, lol. (Really I don’t know if it’ll take that long but it takes a long time)