Figuring out disc code before ordering and stores to buy from



Let me be honest, I am a newbie and I am not at all a geek. I did read around before posting this message but didn’t find the answer.

Everyone talks about the media codes. You will be able to find out the media code once you have a cakebox but how you guys make sure that you are ordering the right media? I checked for TY media and there are so many of them. In none of the cases, it mentions the media code.

Can anyone please tell me how do you figure out this code before you order the media? (Writing to customer service everytime sounds too silly to me, may be I am wrong)

Which stores apart from and are recommended for buying authentic TY and Verbatim media. (They don’t sell TYs in Europe, to my knowledge)

Thank you very much in advance.


Figuring out the media code for genuine Taiyo Yuden media is straightforward.

8x DVD+R: YUDEN000 T02
8x DVD-R: TYG02
16x DVD+R: YUDEN000 T03
16x DVD-R: TYG03

You can buy Taiyo Yuden media online from several shops in Europe that ship to other European destinations. I use SVP i the U.K.

Figuring out the media code of any DVD media in general is a complex task that may involve pure guessing. Lots of info about that in this forum. VideoHelp has a media database that can help.


Thanks DrageMester,
The prices at SVP are very comparable to but everything gets screwed up when it comes to shipping. They are going to charge GBP 18 to ship it to Sweden (double the cost of spindle of 50 DVDs) So I am planning to buy these media in the US so any US store recommendation are also appreciated. (Thanks for SVP though)

The question regarding the codes, SVP clearly indicates the code so its very easy but if you look at they have many different types of TYs so is it true that all 8X DVD-R TY, may it be watershield, silver thermal lacquer, Everest certified (What is this BTW?) or inject printable, are TYG02?


Yes, all 8x TY DVD-Rs are TYG02 no mather if unbranded, printable or watershield.


[QUOTE=Womi;1994281]Yes, all 8x TY DVD-Rs are TYG02 no mather if unbranded, printable or [B]watershield[/B].[/QUOTE]I’ve only seen TYG03 in the WaterShield variety.


[QUOTE=Bob;1994317]I’ve only seen TYG03 in the WaterShield variety.[/QUOTE]

TYG03 wouldn’t be 8x rated anyway :flower: