Figured it out...I Guess?

ok , i was having trouble with my burner before, a sony-710a and i kept making coasters for a while there. i tried to burn with a sony dvd+r and it worked no problem,which is weird because i only used memorex dvd+r’s before and had no problems with them, i was finding the sony disks would not work on alot of dvd players. i was wondering if anyone might have a good disk to go with that works on most players… since it seems i cant use the memorex ones anymore.

Go to On the lower left is “DVD Writers”. Click on it and enter your Sony DRU 710a. You’ll see user comments on how well various media work with that burner. You may also be interested in player comments, i.e. what media works, what doesn’t, with a particular player.

Good luck. :wink:

Make sure your firmware is current. I would recommend TY and Verbatim. Both are the best there is and should work just fine with your Sony and any player.