Fight Night Help!



Hi every1

I tried to copy EA Fight Night Round 3. I copied it n it ran v.v.v slowly. I copied it on DVD Decryptor and used the WRITE function to put onto a DVD on 1x speed. What did i do rong???

Many Thanks

Hasan x


Well first off you’re using the completly wrong program. You need to use somthing like Alcohol 120% or CloneCd. With a game like Fight Night, you will have to make a virtual drive to play it.


  1. Get Alcohol 120% or CloneCd.
  2. Get daemon tools
  3. Make a image using what porgram you chose.
  4. Once that is done, start up daemon’s tools, It will show up in you’re tray.
  5. Right click the Deamon’s Tools logo. Go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM
  6. Go to set number of devices. Select 1.
  7. Now go to device 0 and click mount image.
  8. Find the image either ccd (Clonecd) or mdf (Alcohol 120%) you created and mount it.
  9. It should mount it.
  10. Now it should load the game and it should work.

If you just have to burn it to a cd or dvd. Then P.M. me.


Sorry to bump such an old topic, but I am having the same problem. I burned fight night round 3 ISO and when I play it, the game loads very slowly, and sometimes the cutscenes would freeze, can anyone help me out? I tried burning it with DVD Decrypter at 1x speed, then Alcohol 120% but they both failed.