Fifth Generation Ipods, Ipod Minis And Powerbooks

Apple is close to finishing up work on the next revision of its iPod mini, Think Secret sources reveal. Also currently in development is Apple’s fifth-generation iPod.

The next iPod mini, code-named Q22B and referred to as Osiris inside Apple, will sport a higher capacity hard drive, very likely 5GB. Sources speculate that Apple will tap Seagate for the part, abandoning current iPod mini drive supplier Hitatchi for the time being. Hitatchi’s one-inch hard drive currently tops out at 4GB, although 8GB and 10GB versions are due for release later this year and may very well find their way into a future iPod mini.

The Full Story Can Be Read @ Think Secret

Take a stand on DRM! Don’t buy Ipod!

Get a real MP3 player …

bah, DRM is moot with an iPod if you choose it to be…

i’d never buy a track online, but if i did, i’d prefer it to be ACC then WMA…that’s for sure.

4GB miniSD-compatible portable multimedia players/recorders would be sweet. Only up to 1GB miniSD on sale here so far.