Fifa street soccer

I have a copy of Fifa Street Soccer on Xbox. If i look at the DVD it only shows as 13.7mb. How do they hide the main files?

You cant put it in your computer and expect to see everything. You have to network your xbox to pc and FTP the files from xbox to pc. but before all this you will need some sort of modchip or similar.

The only thing that can read an xbox game is the xbox itself

Usually they show how much disc is used though. Tried imaging it with alchol120% and that still only shows 13.7m

Like I said before its not gonna happen fr xbox games not in a pc

Thanks being a newbie you advise is appreciated I have a modchip in the xbox. Does this mean i should be able to set the xbox up on the network

yes it does. Use an FTP program such as Flash FXP(There are others as well and a few free ones to). would be good to have Craxiton as well.

Here is a pic of my FlashFXP In the xbox you will want the ip to be similar just changer the last number from the 2 to a 1

Thanks for your help so far. I have put xbox on the network and can now ping it but can’t access it.

I noticed you have a user name and password. I was wondering if this is my problem as i can’t see anywear to set this up but xbox live.

Tell me more about your box. Are you using evox, avalanch or what? There should be some system setting some where you will have to make sure that it is configured to allow FTPing. All my user name is xbox and same with password.

Hi is evolution x dashboard what you need to know.

The only thing i can see is to copy games to hard drive i have to use the pxhddloader

I will look through for an ftp option


Thanks you headed me in the right direction. I needed to set the ip under the new dashboard. This took me one step closer. Then i changed the ftp program from pasv to port and it worked


So you got it all figured out?

Have you been able to FTP the game from the xbox to pc and burn it yet? Once you you have it on dvdr you can just copy it like a PS2 game after that.

Let me know if you run into anymore problems. I will help you where ever I can.