Fifa Manager 07 help

hello this is my first post and i am seeking help on a game i copied called fifa manager 07.

i am trying to back up my game because my computer scratches them for some reason or it might be my brother but getting to the point i used a program called alcohol120% to make an image of it and copied it to cd and it has evey single file on it that the original cd does. when i go to play it, it says please insert the original disk not a backup can anybody help me by any chance thanks in advance

You will not receive any help as you are violating the rules you agreed to when you joined.

i need to back up my game fifa manager 07 as my computer or brother scratch my games i have them on cd and it is exact size and has same file as the original cd but when i come to play it says please use original copy not backup can anyone help

He is trying to make a backup of his original, what is illegal about that?
Perhaps I am missing something…

To the thread starter, have you searched this forum for more info on this game…it is all about the copy protection…and I can remember it being discussed before.

Additionally, I merged the two threads by you that are related to the same topic, it might have been considered crossposting otherwise.

When the post first appeared, he clearly stated that he was using a friends copy and he had to return it before his friend returned. I wrote my response and he quickly changed what he wrote.

Approximately 10 minutes later, he reposted in another forum. Here is what I worte:

You have cross-posted this item in another forum where you were told you would not receive help as you are violating the rules. Then, you edited the language so it no longer said you need to make a backup of your friend’s disc before you give it back.

Now, your other posting says your computer or your brother scratched the game.

If you need a copy, why not buy the game?

Thanks for clearing that up.

Forces me to close this one now and issue a formal warning.

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