Fifa 2005

I would like to buy Fifa 2005 but I would like to know what protection it has in order to decide to buy it because if I cannot make a backup of it there is not any reason to buy it :smiley: because I want to have backups of all my CDs. If I cannot make a backup it is not worth buying it. :cool: Thank you in advance.

Safedisc 3.20 ->

Safedisc 3.20.022

Thank you very much. As there is a way to copy it I will run to the closest shop to buy it.

Some drives (even 2 sheep) cant handle safedisc 3.2 including liteons

I say if you have a Lite-on DVD rom, burn with any burner (I think), then run it from that.

I have Plextor Premium and Yamaha CRW-F1. Will I be able to copy it?

your plextor premium will be able to make copies, they will only play in the premium
(and a few other drives) though.

ben :slight_smile:

Yeah, usually other Plextor units. It will work in a Lite-on DVD rom as this is a very torarant reader.