FIFA 2005 back up doesnt work. every other back up works perfect. HELP please

yes so I been backing up a few of my good games just to keep em from getting scratched. GTA san andreas, tony hawks undergroud2 etc and they have all worked fine

CLONYXXL/ALCHOLER/ALCOHOL 120% burnt to Verbatim discs.

Anyway the fifa2005 disc wont boot up/ I tried copying it a few times and no luck. What happens is that i go into browser(im using a playstation2 by the way) and they PS2 reads the disc and it comes up playstation 2 disc. When i click it it looks like its loading and then it goes back to the browser screen.

I no how to back up so i dont think its that. I was thinking either the game was scratched to start with or that it has some type of protection on it that clonyxxl was missing.

anyway try get back to me someone thanks

I think this thread may help

Have you backed up any other ‘EA Games’ titles?

no i havent backed up any other EA games.

but if i use NEO EA PATCHER 04 beta, UltraISO and Alcohol will it work fine?

where do i get NEO PATCHER 04 beta and ultraISO from?


can someone tell me how to use the programs?

in the NEO EA PATCHER info it says use CDRWIN

so im not sure what to do

no help from noone then? thanks

all i wanna no is how to get the back up to work using EA patcher ultra ISO and Alcohol

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Try a P2P search or a search.

thanks for ur help. i have been trying for myself. burn 5 coasters. but 3 were when i was just using alcohol and didnt no what was going on.
and Merther i tried both dude so guess ill just have to figure it out for myself but worth a shot.