Fifa 2003 - 24102b

I have been reading all the threads relating to FIFA 2003 on this forum for the past few days, and have tried unsuccessfully to copy a direct 1:1 clone of it. While the cd crack works, I just find it cheating.

I have read most of the threads, links, etc in this forum, and my burner (24102B) is capable of beating the SD V2.8 on FIFA 2003.

I have disabled the “Bypass EFM Error” to burn as suggested, and when that didnt work, I enabled it without any success. I have also tried reading at a lower speed, as suggested by other members, without any success.

Everytime I burn the 2nd CD, I get errors. This usually occurs near the start of Disc 2, but once you get over it, the rest of the process is fast.

Are you suppost to get these errors?

The software I am using is Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 (Build 1705). Ive managed to create the image for The Sims 2 DVD without any problems, so why cant I make 1:1 copy of FIFA 2003.

Any advice would be nice, and possibly some settings.

NOTE: I do have the original version, and under Australian Laws, I am allowed to make 1 backup copy just in case the original one screws up.

Fifa 2003 is safedisc 2.8 protected on the 2nd disc (which is the play disc).

This is the last version of safedisc that your old Ltr-24102B may be able to handle (my old one can but mine is known to be an eccentric example of the model and many can’t).

If you’re using alcohol (which is as good an app as any for making a back-up of this game) just read and write using safedisc (not safedisc 2/3) datatype settings.

Note though that if you want to run the back-up copy from a writer you must enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options (not necessary if you run the game from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).

Note too that the game is also hotwired so that it will run only from its installation drive (unless you edit your registry).

Ahhh, thanks.

Ive been using the safedisc 2/3 profiles…that might be the problem.

Am I suppose to get the following when trying to create an image of Disc 2?

Yes, there will be numerous read errors between ~sector 800 and ~sector 10,500 (between 550 and 600 in all) but shouldn’t be any after that.

I dont want to waste another CD…so could I use a CDRW to test it out? Would that stuff up the 1:1 copy?

You can use a CDRW and you’ll get a ‘1:1’ backup if your drive is capable as philhamber posted.

Ahhhh…It works now. The problem was that I had disbabled all of the emulation options to play The Sims 2 DVD, which means that I had burnt Disc 2 without the “Ignore media type” option enabled. This means that for the past few hours, I have been playing the bloody disc in the CD Writer. Just a little reg edit, and moved the disc into the DVD ROM drive, and it worked.

Thanks for the help guys, espically you philamber. Kissy, kissy.

I love my 24102B…dunno how I could show that emotionally! :slight_smile: