FIFA 2002 World Cup - copy?

HI .

I’m using CloneCd with my Plex 24 .
I’m trying to make a working copy of Fifa 2002 World Cup game.
I read it all sticky messages - i have try it so many settings and NOTHING !!!
When I use the game settings in CloneCD4 with AWS - my game work only in my LG cd-rom , not in my Plex or Pionner DVD ( I have change the FES - from 0 and software to 3 and none ).
What setting I need , to make a working copy .
Please HELP

do you use the hide media option of clonecd when you run the game??

Yes I did. My firmware is 1.04 and TLA # 0000.

Hmm I think FIFA2002 may use normal SafeDisc and therefor doesn’t need AWS enabled. Try upgrading to the latest CloneCD version first ( Then write with the default Game Profile (yes this has AWS enabled) on a CD-RW disc. Does this work? If not try using the SafeDisc (2) [no AWS] Profile from this thread. Does this work? When playing from a CD-writer enable Hide CDR Media. When playing from a normal CD-Rom or DVD-Rom you don’t need this option.

I think it’s sfv2.51.021. At least spanish version.should work with AWS enabled unless weren’t this case should be not enabled and will run…

Good luck!

As Olli has mentioned in another thread (look here)

originally posted by Olli
… You will see the same problem if you try the original disc. You must run FIFA 2002 from the drive WHERE IT WAS INSTALLED. This is a bug in the game (or this version of SafeDisk)…
Maybe Fifa2002 World Cup has the same bug. Did you use the LG-cdrom for installing?

Yes ,I use my LG-cd-rom to install the game , but when I install from my Pioneer DVD it play only in my DVD-rom . I think it’s the BUG in protection. Thanks for help.