Fifa 2002 SD2?

Excuse me boys for my bad English (Italy).

For to make backup of FIFA2002

Clone Cd
Plex 24/10

How i set clone for this ???

Thanks to all


Excuse me boys for my bad English (Italy).
Don’t apologise, my Italiano is worse and don’t forget the girls!

FIFA 2002 is SD2

Read: FES “on”; FES Settings…default
Write: default

Max read & write is OK. Plex will optimise the burn depending on media

Olli recommends the ProtCD saved setting for read & write. He also recommends default settings where possible :slight_smile:

A small addition: watch the CloneCD log file while creating the image. The error sectors should only be in sector 500-10.500 (give or take a few ;)). When you get errors past this point you should try setting the FES setting to hardware, read retries 0.