FIFA 2002 and Harry Potter!



Anyone successfully made copies of them?

I've got a LiteOn 32123S.
Please give detail in steps as I've never done any copying before!

Thanks a lot!



download a demo of clonecd at
and look in the clonecd forum for information how to copy cd’s


Did you try the search function? Copying of these cd’s has been discussed before.


I did search bu FIFA 2002, but couldn’t find anything!

Thanks anyway!


Originally posted by SoniCruiser
I did search bu FIFA 2002, but couldn’t find anything!

Hmmm… that is weird… when I used the search function I immediately found this page:

Check the reply from our administrator FutureProof. It tells you Fifa 2002 has SafeDisc protection + atip protection. Your LiteOn writer is the best for copying all version of SafeDisc, including the difficult ones. You only need to play the copy in a cd-reader or use ‘hide cdr’ program to fool the atip protection (atip protection is a software check to see if the cd is a normal cd or a cd-recordable, this check can only be performed by a cd-writer)

So get CloneCD v4 and copy away! If you need to know more about copying protected data cd’s check the sticky threads in the CloneCD forum.




I made a copy ( sorry … back-up for personal use ) of Harry Potter and Fifa 2002 with CloneCD . For settings use Clony XXL . This games are protected with SafeDisk.