Ffdshow settings

i just download ffdshow and there are so many settings… can someone pls tell me the recommended settings?

sorry new-b here! :confused:


In codecs tab:

Set all of the codecs you want it to decode as checked here. If you don’t know which ones you want, the defaults should be fine.

In postprocessing: If you’re playing a blocky movie, increase the “presets” slider. Otherwise, don’t.

In miscellaneous: If you have a fast computer, set the DCT to normal if you are viewing mostly DivX 4+/XviD movies, XviD if you’re computer is not so fast and you’re using DivX 4+/XviD movies, and Simple(16383) if your computer is too slow for using the XviD DCT or if you are watching mostly DivX 3/ MSMpeg-4 movies.

As for the other settings, they tend to be the kind that you would only need to use if you know how to use them already, so you may not want to bother with them.

thanks for you help SirDavidGuy!

btw what do you watch xvid on (which player)?

Originally posted by webcrawler
btw what do you watch xvid on (which player)?
i can answer that :bigsmile:
use bsplayer: it is just the best!

the opitons sdg is talking 'bout are reachable only when you play the movie (rightclk -> preferences… or something on the bottom of that menu :stuck_out_tongue: )