Ffdshow error


When trying to run any of the config tool on ffdshows, I get the error message “error loading ffdshow.ax. The specified module could not be found”. So, I don’t think ffdshow is actually installed properly at all. I’ve been having a few problems playing back videos, so after reading a few threads, thought I’d give ffdshow a try. I’ve tried re-booting, re-installing, cleaning registry, swearing at computer. None of which work. Any suggestions?


I found this in a search, maybe it can help?


Thanks for the help Shellie (sorry for the deplay in reponse!). I tried the recomendations on that other forum, but had no joy. Even tried a system restore. Seems the only way to wipe some dodgy codec packs is to re-install windows! I seem to have a partial fix now though but just going along with the evil codec packs, and installed k-lite mega codec pack.