Hi guys,

I was playing back my FF9 Original on my PC and was amazed to see the polished graphics when compared with my ps1.

Anyway, When I was about to take the disc out, the drive slammed back and scratched my disc, leaving a huge mark on the cd.:frowning:

I was trying to backup the first disc on my liteon 24102B and Alcohol and it works fine on my PS1. However, up to certain point, the disc would jam and the PS1 won’t read it anymore.

The backup works perfectly on my PC via EPSXE. Question is,

  1. is FF9 protected?
  2. Does anyone knows how to make a working copy of a FF9?
  3. Does media affect the playability of the disc?

Thanks Guys!!! :slight_smile:

  1. Yes
  2. Image then patch.
  3. Very much YES.


where can i get the patch from?


What patch would you guys be talking about? Not a no-cd illegal patch i hope. Please read the rules before making more posts here.