Few Simple Newbie DV questions... plz read



Very simple newbie questions:

I just got a digital camcorder and want to record videos to put on a website. I think if I tried enough combinations of settings I could get what I want, but I thought I’d ask you guys (the experts) what you think I should look into:

I’m looking to record about 1 min of video with a size of about 640 x 480 (or close) and get the video file to be about 8 meg in size.

What is the best codec to use to compress a file and get it to be viewed by most people? I’m thinking Divx but how many “normal” users will this alienate?

What is the best file format to use? (I’m thinking mpeg)

When using Premier do you need to make an AVI file then convert it with another program to mpeg? (if so, what “other programs” are good?)

Is this statement true: AVI is to MPEG as WAV is to MP3? (ie AVI and WAV are the raw data formats)

If I was to digitize video to save to harddrive and then turn around and make a SVCD or later a DVD, what is the best format/size to use?

** I know these are very simple questions that may have many different opinionated answers but if you have some input into any of these questions I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you can point me to a place to find this information that would be just as well. **


For VCD 1min = 10MB’s and that is only 352x288/240 and you want it at 640x480 at 8MB’s?

AVI is a container format a RAW AVI is somewhat like a PCM wav. But then both AVI and wav can contain mp3, so where does that leave your statement?

I suppose I have a somewhat warped perspective but I would think most people have DivX installed. However if you use DivX what container were you planning on using? AVI?

You could also try RV9 or WMV9, both give good quality at fairly low bitrates and are fairly mainstream.

RV9 = Real Video 9
WMV9 = Windows Media 9.