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I’m a total newbie to the DVD Burning world, and recently bought a lite-on drive from a local shop. I went in and picked up a 411 came home and happily read about the zebra mod. I downloaded everything and went thru the steps and without a hitch I ended up with a 411@811 drive. :slight_smile: But upon closer inspection I realize now that it was a 451 drive (oem) and not the 411 that I was told I bought. I’m under the impression that the 451 is just the oem version of the 411 and everything should be the same but I’m now reading of how different they are to mod and how different firmware work on each of them.
Which firmware can I run on my new zebra modded 451?
851? 811? ,etc?
and I’ve also had a hell of a time trying to back up my family guy DVDs.
this is a test burn I made on my RW to see if everything was okay after making a few coasters. This will play in my JVC player but not on any program on my computer.

thanks a bunch…

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So you have a 451@811? And it works?

  1. Restore the drive back to a 451. I hope you made backups of your EEPROM?
  2. Look for a thread about turning your 451 into a 851. You’ll find that the 451@851 process is easier than the 411@811 process.
  3. Follow the instructions to flash your drive to a 851 (use the latest GS0F firmware–so far, people seem to have good results with it)

Note that the 411 and 811 have the same hardware. And the 451 and 851 have the same hardware (the x11 vs. x51 difference is that the x51 has a different pick-up-head, which is the central part of the burner–it’s that whole laser on a movable platform thing in your drive, so a different PUH is a significant enough of a hardware difference that you should not try x51@x11)

Image uploads are broken for some reason. They’re working on fixing it, and it seems that performance has been somewhat sporadic.

So does anyone have step by step instructions on how I can flash my 451@811 now back to 451?

many thanks!!


Originally posted by chuie
[B]So does anyone have step by step instructions on how I can flash my 451@811 now back to 451?

many thanks!!

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First, just to make sure that you don’t make the same mistake again… you’re 100% sure that you currently have a 451@811 (as opposed to a 411@811 or 451@851)?

I think the Zebra mod that you used modified your drive’s EEPROM. I haven’t actually used it, but that’s what I gather… so…

Part 1: Restoring EEPROM (assuming that it was changed by the Zebra mod, which I am 90% is the case)

  1. Get LtnFlash (see the stick LtnFlash thread for the usage guide, important warnings, and where to download it from)
  2. Use it to load a backup of the EEPROM that you made prior to the mod. If you didn’t make a backup prior to the mod, then… well, I guess you’re kinda outta luck… (you may be able to poke around the forum to see if there are any suggestions on how to undo the mod’s EEPROM changes…)

Part 2: The firmware (after the EEPROM has been restored)

  1. Since you’re going for the 851, let’s just skip the 451. Download the official GS0F firmware from LiteOn. Unzip it and make sure the EXE file is not read-only.
  2. Download the LDW851FP tool. One slow download place that I know of is this . You may be able to find a faster download location by searching this forum.
  3. Use LDW851FP to patch the official 851S firmware you just downloaded.
  4. Run the patched firmware, reboot, and congrats, you’re the proud owner of a new 451@851.