Few questions on DVD hardware and software

Hi, Firstly I have a MSI MS 8404A dvd rewriter, what is the best (correct)burning software for it?
I have Nero and Roxio which I can use.
Also what are the best discs for it DVD + or DVD - ?
I am currently using Data safe DVD -R 4x speed.
What is best to use DVD shrink or DVD 2 one/DVD Decrypter.
I would be very grateful if any one can help.
Cheers :wink:

Software: personally I’m used to Nero, but that’s mostly because I haven’t used any other :-). Somebody else might give you more informed advice :-).
As for DVD-R or DVD+R, there isn’t really too much of a technical difference. Older DVD drives/players might be less likely to support DVD+R (I have a Toshiba from about 3 years ago, and it doesn’t read DVD+R), but in my experience it’s harder to find DVD-R media.