Few Questions For Liteon owners. (I am switching from Benq to Liteon.)

I heard there is such thing as limited times a liteon drive can be flashed? Is there such a thing? Can someone tell me if there is any thing i should know before buying a liteon? I am looking at a 812S. Any feedback is welcome.

I am did a search but the threads are getting too long and some replies are irrelevent. So I want all your feedbacks and experience. :bow:

SOHW-812S is using a SST39LF flashrom…

Don´t worry, it will withstand at least 10k+ flashes… :cool:

I hate to say it but benQ is better then liteon, if you have to get a new drive, get benQ 1620, they’re under $100.00 USD oem and way better then 812 or 832 liteon.

Benq is almost always cheaper than Liteon, but I’m worried if it’s write quality is inferior to Liteon’s? Even for LT, write quality suffers if you use the wrong media. If Benq’s quality is worse than LT, I can’t imagine any use of a Benq drive. Also, I know Liteon can do KProbing, can benq do that?

Boy you have not seem liteon last 3 burners have you benQ write quality its better in most causes even on -R, with stock fw, now liteon with hacked fw can be as good as BenQ on +R media. But I did say hacked fw.


liteon burner do very well on CD-R and CD-RW media benQ is average on CD media.

And no, only Liteon can be used with KProbe… :wink:

BenQ 1620 review at cdrinfo.com.

Can be used for scanning (with CD/DVD Speed, DvdInfoPro) and repports jitter but not pif-failures. :cool:

Or better yet, look at the CD Freaks Philips 1640 Review (link), but (no bias here ;)) I think that CDF’s reviews/previews/mini-reviews are much better in quality and accuracy than the CDRInfo ones (they don’t even use the right scanning speed in error scanning :a ).

I’ll second Ken’s statement. For CD quality and for reading quality, get a Litey. For the best +R writing in the world (even better than the NEC 3500), then get the BenQ 1620 (BenQ is partnered with Philips; Philips does the R&D while BenQ does the manufacturing… now, Philips is the ringleader + Alliance, hence why BenQ is so great at +R).


It should be noted that code65536 and C0deKing have done more for correcting the liteon fw problems then anyone can ask for. They have made great strides in this with their omnipatcher. and crossflashing fws, but all be told liteon is really a very poor to average drive when it comes to stock burning of media and , after about 9 models 401, 411, 811, 451, 851, 812, 832, 1213, 1633, and I guess 1653 they still have not got it right. most of there drives are rated for one speed faster then they can do, and they dont seem to be interested in correcting the mistakes before releasing a new model. On the other hand BenQ, pioneer, NEC seem to release drives that do pretty good out of the box and gets better with newer fw.

And don’t expect their -R burning to ever be as good as their +R. It’s not in their interest, as they don’t want the -R standard to survive…

Hmm i never thought about buying a benq burner in my personal Opinion Benq is out of Question and such Things like “812S and 832S are bad drives” is in my opinion a meaningless Thing to say.
Get the right Media and a litey rocks and burns like hell without any problems.
One point i must say is its in most cases not the drives fault for being inconsistent when it comes to burns in the most cases its the Firmware.
Newer Firmware less Problems thats my Experience.
Before my Litey i had a BTC 1004IM (woah a picky bastard and not really the best drive at the time i bought it).
Im satisfied with my Litey.
Wasnt benq a +R drive only or was that another Manufacturer ?

BenQ 800 is +R only 822 is + and - R and 1600 +R 1610 and 1620 + and - R

Now I don’t get it. Liteon are selling their drives more expensively than Benq, yet most stores stock them, and that lots of people buy them, even though they are inferior as DVD writers?

When I bought the 832S, I really thought spending that extra time and cash meant I’d get less headaches… Benq is not just cheaper, it’s also easier to find (even future shop, staples, etc. carry them). So LT means harder to get, more expensive, more problems, etc. why spend so much time working on fixing its firmwares etc.? We probably don’t need this many discussion topics, just one sticky “If you bought a LT, return it for a Benq” would work for most people

That wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. This is great discussion. Yes, Benq really do well on dvd+r. I only have dvd+r so it’s good but in benq forums, i posted my problem. Benq 822a cause my computer to hang when booting windows xp. Did an install from another drive and put in Benq 822a and instantly freezes. My friends with 812@832 said their drive performs superb thanks to the patched firmware.

How about Pioneer & Plextor? Pioneer is the leader in “-” standard, but Pioneer is so great at “+”.

My NEC 3500 burns exceedingly good -R burns (PI errors in the low 20s), much better than my 812S and my Pioneer. It also burns +R media very well and the scans are interchangable with my 812S( PI errors also in the 20s). I have no experience with BenQ burns, but I find it hard to see how I could expect to get any burns better than I am currently seeing. (Media, Ritek +R and -R and +RW, 4X and 8X. Prodisc S03 -R 4X.)

Hmmm i think you cant simply say bring bavck your liteon and buy some other drive.
When you look in this forum here you get it that most burners are good when you dont have tested them yourself.
An Opinion about a burner you even havent burned one single DVD/CD with isnt really worth much.
I personally have a benq traume (not with the burners but with the dvd-roms).
THe Fact that Benq performs good on DVD+R is not a pro for benq and a contra for LiteOn .
Liteon performs on DVD+R good too.
On DVD-R Liteon performs also great but keep in mind if you buy crap media or i should say “cheap” media dont expect to much.
Even when you have good results at the moment after the burn you cant really store things on “cheap” media for (in some extreme szenarios) 1Year.

I used to have a 811s it took me about 10 coasters and a lot of firmware changes before I got it to work properly. Just when I got it to work somewhat okey it broke down completely but I managed to get it replaced at the place where I bought it with a 851s. Out of 30 coasters I have had 2 somewhat sucessful burns with that drive. I have probably had A LOT of bad luck though…

My 851s problems: