Few questions and troubles with PX708A

I have a Aopen AX3S Motherboard, 512 mb sdram,P3 1Ghz.

3 hd+3 drives

But I have some troubles.

Primary Master: WD40gig disk
Primary Slave: PX708A 1.03

Sec M: Aopen DVD
Sec S: PXW 1610A

Extra PCI Prim M: Maxtor60gig
Extra PCI Sec M: WD60gig

When I try to burn cd’s, I have no problems writing them, not on the 708 or 1610

But when I try to write dvd’s then I constantly get Buffer Underruns. Tried Imation 2.0 DVD-R at max speed of 2.

Is it that my system is to slow?

I constantly try to get DMA on, but in infotool It always stays off.
When Intell applic accelleration wasn’t installed I could select in hardware properties on all the channels dma enable if possible. Yet still PX708A wouldn’t enable it. Installing applic accel didn’t help also, it made I couldn’t select dma enable anymore in the advanced menu. Also after a few times deleting al my channels infotool began to show I had 2 secondary IDE channels, both same drives, different properties.


Is there something I still could try?
Before backing 20 gig up on normal cd’s and reinstall windows.

update http://users.pandora.be/F6_Z_/test2.jpg
This is what it has to be except PX708A must DMA enabled.

Is it maybe because he hangs slave …

You could try to install the PlexTools software (please read the FAQ if you don’t have PlexTools but want to install it) and enable DMA for your drive via this software. DMA must be enabled else you will never be able to burn DVDs without BURN-Proof kicking in. I’m not sure what’s causing your problem. What kind of IDE drivers are you currently using? Here is my set-up which has always worked fine. Maybe you can use this?

-IDE1M: HDD #1 (boot drive)
-IDE1S: HDD #2 (extra storage)

-IDE2M: AOpen drive
-IDE2S: Plextor PX-708A

-PCI IDE1M: Plextor Premium
-PCI IDE1S: Plextor PX-504A

-PCI IDE2M: empty
-PCI IDE2S: empty

Could it be that only master supports DMA?
Or that my system is too slow?

Else I will try this evening putting my PX708A on 2e Master?
Where my Aopen dvd is now.

But then it is with such a only ATA33 cable. Not such a cable with many little cables. Does this affects the performance also, or are drives always at ATA33.

BTW why is that extra jumper for on the drive? Has that something to do with dma?

No, both Master and Slave support UDMA mode although it’s recommended to run the Plextor drive as Master (on the secondary IDE channel). Your system is not too slow, 1GHz is more than enough!

Most CD-RW/DVD-RW drives run in UDMA mode 2 which means that they require a 40-pin ATA33 cable at least. However, it’s recommended (but not required!) to use an 80 pin cable because they provide better shielding against magnetic signals which can cause data corruption. It doesn’t happen often but it can happen. However, in your case this does not apply.

The extra (most left) jumper on the back of the drive indeed controls DMA. When it’s enabled the drive will run in MultiWord DMA mode 2 which is not optimal. When it’s not enabled your drive can run in UDMA mode 2 which is recommended. Currently your drive is probably running in PIO mode 4 which is the slowest of all modes.

Have you tried the PlexTools software yet?

Problem solved, somehow all stations as slave can’t enable DMA.

So I reorganised internal cables.

Drive writing steady dvd- disks at 100 upper bar and 98 % lower bar.

Thx for the help.