Few Questions about LG4163B

So I have lg 4163b with A102 firmware.I dont know is it hacked or not.Should I upgrade my firmware and should it be mode version.I burnt 2 Verbatim dvd+r disk and I wasnt asked about the region.The lg cant recognise a Traxdata dvd+r disk.Kprobe and dvdinfo gave info about the dvd but not nero( version).And How can I test the quality of my DVDs,only with cdspeed transfer rate test?

I would suggest getting the A103 at least and possibly the A104 although I have found 103 better for the media I use. If you have no scan supported drive you are right, you cannot use anything other than the transfer test. BTW, if you stick to my media choices, you will most likely never need to scan, unless there is a severe problem.

There is support for hacking through the MCSE tool here:
but I have never found a need to use it.

thanks mate but I still have some questions-in device manager when I click propreties on my dvd and then dvd region, I dont have current selected region.Is this means that my firmware is auto reset or dvd region free?And of course which one is better-original firmware or moded one

Go here: http://www.nero.com/en/Info_Tool.html to get infotool and it will tell you the true status of your RCP. As to modded firmwares, the mods have just started so there is no established improvement. I have only seen RCP1 region free firmware here:
and it does not change the burning strategies. With what I have seen I will stay with the factory A103.

Region Control:RPC II
Region Code:None
This is Auto-Reset firmware,isn’t it

I don’t think so. It looks like the normal firmware from LG that hasn’t been set to any region yet. This is what you get straight from the factory. If you want region free go to the links above. I am not sure what you mean by Auto reset as RPC is not my thing, but if you mean you get an unlimited number of region resets I don’t think so. I have only seen this with ROM drives.

With auto reset firmware after the fifth change you can again choose different regions
Thanks chas0039 for your responses