Few questions about LDW-451S



I have good old LDW-451S CD/DVD burner. And I recently discovered that I can crossflash it to 832S. Thats great. But I also noticed that writing and reading speeds in that flash file are set to much greater values than my burners original values. Can this “overclocking” damage my burner or media? Consider my burner is pretty old. (: By the way, I havent heard anything about LighScribe. Is there some f/w which enables lightscrie on my burner?


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Read this thread about crossflash to “faster drive”. This tool might also come useful.
Backup your eeprom BEFORE you begin experimenting, heh. :wink:

Regarding LighScribe, I suggest you to use search (in our forum) or google the net.


Oh. Thanks for info and for such fast reply. I will surely read these threads. One more question: What is the diference beetween these two F/W (VS0M and CG5M)? As far as I understand CG5M is based on VS05, and it is just modified by code guys. Am I right? What modifications were done?


CG5M is a codeguy’s tweaked VS0M. it’s probably the best firmware for your drive.

lightscribe can’t be enabled by firmware update, as the drive needs the lightscribe hardware. i don’t know any drive with built-in lightscribe hardware and disabled ls function in firmware.


Remember, search is your best friend. :wink:

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let’s say, i don’t know any liteon that matches my statement above.


I have an old 451S loaded with the CG5M 832S firmware still going strong. Faster and higher quality burns are the main benefits over VSOM. Highly recommended after running CG5M through the OmniPatcher (to “Apply Recommended Media Tweaks”).
But AS ALWAYS, upgrading your firmware is an [U]AT YOUR OWN RISK[/U] procedure. :slight_smile: