Few q's



Ok first question any one here know if Zynet external cases are any good, one member has told me they are, but just needed to hear it from the rest of you not that i dont trust him :wink: , but the more opinions the better.
The other is, my nero version that came with my burner, says i have to buy some other crap software Nero 7 “is that any good”. Well the thing is when ever i go to create a SVCD it says that mpeg 4 encoding is not available with this version, therefore making me to create a crappy VCD version. Is there any plugins to counter and install all features of NERO.
Cheers :cool:


i don’t think nero would come with an mp4 converter. you would have to use a different program and nero 7 is good. idk about the zynet thing though


I got Nero figured out, but im still thinking about this Zynet product, just wondering if people can clarify that indeed they use prolific chipsets PL - 3507


When creating a SVCD you would not need mp4 ever!

Decoding might be necessary, but not encoding.

Ah, I think Nero told you to buy the dvd/mpeg2 encoding plugin, right?!

Give TMPGEnc a try, or just use other free mpeg2 encoders along with dvdauthor or TheFilmMachine…



Yer… i got nero sorted, just not this crappy enclosure no website will tell if it is running the prolific PL-3507


A lot of the Taiwanese-based external cases run this chip…if you can, go to a computer fair and see if you can get a look at the mainboard in one of the cases on display. If the chipset has the same markings you might be able to work from there. Not much to loose, really, as the case you have sounds stuffed anyway. :wink:


Are these chipsets any good, ive read they encounter alot of problems with Mac etc.


Better yet…what are some good chipsets i should look out for?


Sum1 must have it deep inside their brand =\