Few noob questions about reading/writing



LG CD-RW 52x32x52 (GCE-8525B) (v1.1)
NEC 2500a w/ Herrie beta9

  1. When using my LG and doing the Nero transfer test I can’t get anything above 40x read on burned CD-R media (if it hits 40x it will slow down). On regular CDRoms of games (or whatever) it always slows down at about 44x and finished off at really slow speeds (C2 errors there). This is on every CD-Rom I try.
    The only media I can hit the 52x with a nice linear line is speed testing with blank CD-R on Nero. Why is this??? Anyway to get the drive reading regular CDRom and CD-R at 52x end?

Wont Read Past 40x…

Blank Media Fine read at 52x

  1. When burning CD-R or reading blank CD-R with the NEC 2500a it always does so in steps. It will stay level for a while, drop fast and come back up at a higher rate; stay level again, then drop and come back up again, is this normal?? (The LG burns in a linear line all the way to 52x like it should)

Burning CD-R…


heres an example of the C2 errors I get on CD-Rom reads after reaching high speeds.


This always happens on every CD-Rom i try.