Few newbie questions

Hi there!

Just had a “Pioneer DVR-107D” through the post. It is the OEM version and therefore had no blank DVDs with it.

Just wondering what is the best media to buy for it? DVD-R DVD+R etc??? I really don’t know what the difference is!

Also, is there any software that will simply let you create a 1-1 backup of a DVD? SImply put DVD in the DVD player, then blank DVD in the DVD writer and copy them?

If not, whats the best way of getting the whole movie/menus etc. on to another DVD?


Buy whatever your player will play. If it will play both + and -, buy Ritek disks.
There are two programs I use for dvd backup, DVDShrink, and DVDFab. Shrink is free. Also get DVD Decrypter for those disks that Shrink can’t read.