Few monitors and virtually no graphics cards are HDCP-Ready

Fact of the matter is, in 2 years time or less, new movies, will be released on the new formats only, no more dvd5/dvd9, so we will either remain with our old stuff, or buy all new, exactly what manufacturers, are hoping for…

I’m not buying it. And if others don’t either, they’ll have to come up with something else.

in 2 years, these formats will barely be out of the introductory stage. Nothing happens that fast. Companies think short-term. Investors want profits quickly. Releasing a movie exclusively in HD would be financial suicide considering the penetration of DVD. It simply won’t happen. I’ll see you in 2 years :slight_smile:

Quite frankly, I’m pleased with the actual image of a DVD on my 32" almost-a-year-old LCD TV. And I can play my DVDs on my computer, on my laptop and, believe it or not, and can just take one of them with me when I go to friends and we can enjoy a nice evening without spending thousands of euros. I don’t know why I would drop these good old DVDs.

I secons the post above, why spend all that money on all that new hardware with all those DRM restrictions? My friend has a decent progressive DVD player and a very nice 50 inch Panasonic plasma and a very good home audio system, the picture and sound is just out of this world!!! How much of the improvement in resolution that Blu-Ray or HD-DVD vs. the system i just described can the human eye actually pick up??? Not much I think, at least for me. F*** THEM!!!:r

this will only slow down the market adaptation of bd & hd-dvd; of course fcc is forcing us residents to upgrade as only digital broadcast is allowed in few years (2008?) don’t be so upset as far as i can tell hd-dvd movie isn’t really that great as they want us to think + this situation hopefully extend the life of dvd even more. long live dvd :wink: ps: i think 1st gen (especially those who make 1st time) bd/hd dvd players won’t play every bd/hd dvd disks…that won’t be funny since their price is from 500usd (hddvd) to 1000usd (bd)

I just don’t see this about to take off. A ridiculous restriction against a hi-def recorder with HDMI in that doesn’t exist. I’m sticking with DVD :frowning: