Few monitors and virtually no graphics cards are HDCP-Ready

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 As the  launch of HD DVD and Blu-ray products draws near, a lot consumers are going to  be disappointed to find that their TV, PC monitor or graphics card will not be  compatible with the...
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this just SUCKS, we’ve all spent LOTS of money on 32" lcd’s and yet then cant playback HD content in full resolution, that this crappy drm society for ya, i hope blue-ray blows up in your face sony!

screw it, i will never upgrade to HD with such stupid DRM restrictions placed upon it. i like to think that one reason dvd players became so wide spread so fast was because it was extremely easy to set it up, yo bought the dvd player, and plugged into the back of your tv with a scart cable, it didn’t require certain conditions to be met nor any upgrade to new technology. people will find this confusing. hell my parents can hardly work a dvd player to this day, they only just learned how to set it up, how are people like them (no doubt most of the population) ever going to upgrade to this crap.

Wonderful technology, protection thats so good at driving out the angry customers, lol, not quite. :wink:

I think this is great. It is one way to ensure that the moron customers out there realize that the corporations are not their friends and do not give a flying f what the hell they think. Finally the sheeple will wake up and see wtf is going on when they realize the system they paid 2k for at Best Buy or Circuit City is “a pile of crap” because it will not play their new HD movies. But then again, these are the same sheeple who made people like Brittany Spears a star, so odds are they will just bend over like usual and take it, cause they love being told what to think.

So the implication is that to upgrade Blu-S####, one needs to spend mega lots of peso’s on new equipment and new replacement media to replace the existing library, just to view and listen to the content, thus making existing systems worth less then one cent in the dollar! A truly tough choice! ,or as nelson would say Ha! Ha!:X

Why would you upgrade? Think about it, is anyone really going to go out and buy SW: episode 3 again on BR or HD format? If you do then the word mug comes to mind…
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I can see this increasing movie downloads, who in their right mind would do this to the paying user?

If they go on this way the new HD Movie market (HD-DVD or B-Ray) will have a VERY SLOW penetration rate and they will loose a lot of money trying to make us buying a lot of new equipment that no one really want to buy just to be chained with a lot of restriction, high prices, no easy personal copies, and a better resolution usable only in some movies and on a few hardware… :r Their luck will be if someone find how to rip the content and make it usable free in any way you want.

LastStand, why the same people who brought you the business model of suing their customers!! THe MPAA and the RIAA :smiley: Who else do you think would be thie devious to the throngs of brainless people :smiley:

holographic any one ?

the problems with holographic storage is that no movie studio will ever support the darn thing unless it goes the same route as hd-dvd/blu-ray for anti-copy protection!!! in the end is the movie studios who are to blame for this kind of restrictions.

I agree with all reactions here. The consumer is the one who buys the product, if the companys are going to continue on this path, it will only lead to there own destruction, since verry few will buy the product. Here are some examples. 1. VHS vs Beta-MAX wars, betamax was to focused on technology and not the customers 2. Nintendo, SEGA , they where huge back in the days, what happend, they didn’t care about customers There are probably more examples. I think that HD-DVD and Blu-RAY will take a long time to enter the market. Come on most PPL still have a ordinary TV and DVD will do just fine. Most people are not going to dump the dvd player for some new stupid format, most still have a standard TV and can’t take advantage of new technology. I think that HDTV will be a driving force in sales for HD-Ready stuff and so on. But over in europe this hasn’t kicked off yeat. Well we will se what goes on during 2006, probably more stupid anoncements about products, technology etc. :g

For PC playback of HD content that uses HDCP, the matter gets much worse since four conditions must be met for HDCP to validate. Its Eeprom size be adapted and also be flashable, its GPU must be capable of real-time encoding and the manufacturer has to pay ~$1 to obtain a HDCP compatibility table from the consortium per card. --------------- Extortion. The manufacturers will be so pleased :slight_smile: Please sell me your non-compliant graphics card and monitors, Taiwan and China. I care not for Hollywood. Then sell me your in-house format to avoid the cartel fees. Hah, I see images of drives collecting dust on the shelves, and clueless store clerks trying to get rid of them at any cost. They are digging their own grave with this one. There’s a fine line of manufacturer and consumer acceptance / reluctance, and it looks like someone’s crossed it :g

I love this. They will restrict themselves right out of existence. I’m surprised there isn’t a requirement for a camera mounted on your screen to count the number of eyes watching and charge a per viewer fee.

I’ll stick with my warezed DVD-5 rips for another 5, 10 years and hope that by then HD technology will be cheap and hacked all to hell!

That sounds like SONY! Be carefull who you tell about that camera idea, they are reading this. That could be the next thing from them or the MPAA. It will really suck for most people till the hacks come out.

copy-right-cartel thinks that they can force whatever they want, but i am not buying any hd stuffs…at least yet. they are asking too much; what can i say; long live dvd :wink:

Have your dogs do it infront of the camera and give them a show. hehehe then lets see how they react and charge you!:+

All they are doing is encouraging people to try to crack and bypass the system. More power to the crackerz. Lots of crackz websites out there, get to know them.