Few Antec 1000 AMG plus view queries!

  1. I own a p4p800-e-deluxe and when i fit it into the i/o panel it doesnt fit properly (keep in mind this is after i installed the i/o that came with mobo as the antec one doest fit with the asus mobo) I have to push the mobo towards the i/o hard to get the skrews in but with no luck so now i have snapped the i/o out and running it without it anything i can do abt that? as the dust would creep in from behind

  2. i dont c a firwire cable coming out from the front case they’re 2 USB cables and they fitted in properly

  3. My PSU is a LC420 PFC 12v switching one and it has one fan and it has to be installed downwards facing the mobo is this ok for the system my heat runs at 35 idle and 44 loaded on stock cooling nothing extra!

thanx for ur help guys!

I have the ANTEC 1000 SOHO case myself…



It has got a firewire cable to mobo…U have no i/o plate?? Im sure if you look around computer shops (pref second dealers) and see if they have a spare…Or get incontact with the manu of the mobo and say u didnt get an i/o plate :wink:
For a P4 sitting idle at 35 is good, never say a p4 that low, usually idle at 48-50…Having the fan of ur psu pointing down is no trouble, its ment to be like that. I have the EZ Cool 550w and has a 17cm fan pointing down. Infact they dont blow the air out, they take it in and blow it out the back, well mine does lol…SasArchiver

nice one sas i am going to do up my one two with lights and stuff the prob is i did get a io it doesnt fit unlike u i have a diff mobo than u which does not fit as i stated and when i insert the io i got with the mobo the mobo doesnt sit well on the stand offs u c. so i had to pull the bugger out, anyway if u got any thoughts let me know aight

wht hpn to ur front cover that closes and stuff dont tell me it broke off like i saw reviews on lots of users and yes i got the i link they both look alike silly me the i link has lesser coloured wires :a lol!

ok dude catch u later will post pix once modded!!

pix of me baby (in the process of modding)

and guys my wife’s hair clip aint a part of the damn mod lol ouch :sad: