Few 20A1P Problems

Getting a few problems with my New Lite-On 20A1P.

First thing I did when I got it was flash it with the latest firmware (specifically the fb/eos firmware thats here on the forum).

I can duplicate almost all of these problems.

Problem #1:
Ultra DMA-Mode 4/66 doesn’t work.
I can write discs in this mode but it refuses to read any disc I give it (claiming some I/O error). I figure this might be happening because of the nvidia IDE drivers. I’m gonna re-format soon anyway so I guess I’ll soon find out.

Problem #2:
Burning at 20x…
More specifically, burning at 20x on Ultra-DMA mode-2/33. It works fine with the mode described in Problem #1 however, I can’t read any discs then. So I think that #1 and #2 are related somehow.

That about covers it.
And with all these problems, I get my fastest burn time at 12x with Fast Burn on. 6:20@12x. The quality of the burn is probably better too.

Also, with the eos/fb firmware, is it better to turn on “Force Hyper Tuning” and “Online Hyper Tuning” or is it better to leave them off (for the quality of the burn). And I know to just keep overspeed on.

So, I figure (hopefully) problem #1 and #2 will resolve themselves when I re-formate and not install the nvidia ide drivers. cross-fingers

Any suggestions?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

No need to format just uninstall the Nvidia drive and reboot. If that’s what you want to try.

I have Nvidia Drivers 5.11 and I have no issue with DMA being at Ultra DMA 4. BUT make sure that the burner is the PRIMARY and not the secondary. My older Plextor Premium CD Writer is only UDMA 2 so if I put the 20A1H as secondary it will only be UDMA 2 but since I have it primary it’s UDMA 4.

I was just saying that because I need to clean up my hard drive and it would seem that a reformat would just be the easiest way to do that.

I know I could just uninstall it but when I’m just gonna re-format it in a week, why bother trying to screw something up :p.

It is the primary one.
My secondary is an old 411S@811S drive. Maybe that’s causing the problems?

It’s very possible. I have had real old hardware attached to newer completely cause issues with the new drive. So try unplugging it and see what happens. Also I found on newer hardware that Cable Select worked more efficiently than jumping master drive jumper setting.

Did you make sure to use a 80 wire IDE cable if not then that could be the cause of
all of your problems of only getting UDMA2 and it not reading the discs. I have an older
Liteon DVD-ROM hooked up as secondary slave on my burner and have no problems of
getting UDMA 4 out of it and the ROM shows up as UDMA 2 as it should. Yeah the good
ol’ Nvidia drivers can cause you some headaches sometimes with burners but I ran the
Nvidia drivers with mine for quite some time without any problems at all but have since
switched to using the standard IDE driver for the time being.

I think it might be that I’m not using a 80pin cable although I’m not sure how many pin cable I have on the cd rom drives.

I tried using the Microsoft IDE drivers but they wouldn’t let me use mode 4, tried unplugging the older 811S, didn’t help and I think the only thing I haven’t tried is replacing the cable with a known 80pin cable which I’m not sure I even have. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a computer guy without a 80pin IDE cable, almost a sin eh?

LOL!!! wizboy11 that’s a 40 pin 80 wire cable I’ve never seen a 80 pin cable before :eek:
all IDE drives only have 40 pin plug-ins it would be kind of hard to plug a 80 pin cable
in there. :wink:

It’s a simple typo :wink:

How about I think there is a not 80 wire cable in there.
And I think that there might be a 40 wire cable in there although I doubt it.

Am I getting warmer?

LOL!!! yeah I’ve had those kind of typo’s before myself :o and yep you are defiantly getting warmer. :iagree:

Hey wizboy11,
I am on my second 20A1P as I returned the first one thinking it had to be damaged due to how poorly it performed… Well the second one is a piece of crap also!

I have just tried to crossflash it to a BenQ DW 2000 thinking maybe the BenQ firmware would give me a reason not to throw this drive out the window.

@@@Crash@@@@* Ya that was the drive hitting the ground after the window shattered. He he.

Have a look at the results at this link.