I have feurio, Clone cd, Nero and Blindwrite installed.

The past few times I have tried to write a cd with feurio with file decoded from mp3 its coastered it. It fails about 40-60% through the disc if it is in wav format, if it decodes on the fly it’ll bail out on me about 10% through the disc.

I have tried different media, tried in nero and the problem just seems to be located in feurio.

Any thoughts?

I had this same problem. Try writing at a lower speed.

Now my 12X burner can’t write above 8X

I seem to have got the matter resolved. If you go in to the program parameters in the cd writer, not the cd manager. Click the program priority tab and change the mp3 priorities to read High, Normal and High going down on the list.

I have tried two simulated burnings on this decoding mp3’s on the fly and the both recorder and program buffer never ran below 95% full.

I will give it a try proper!