probably a stupid question, but does feurio burn only audio CDs or data CDs as well?



Question: Can I also use Feurio!® to create /copy data CDs?
Answer: Feurio! has been designed to create AUDIO-CDs. In Feurio!® Professional, the possibility has been integrated to copy data CDs and to burn data images created by Nero® - this way the special feature of Feurio!® (writing on several CD writers) can be used to create small series.
CREATION of data CDs with Feurio! is not possible as a) this would not work well with the concept of Feurio! and b) this would mean that Feurio! would be blown up to a program which would be far too large. This would also involve extremely high development costs which would mean Feurio! would have to become more expensive. Operating it would probably also become more difficult.

thank you. good idea reading the FAQ :(. next time.