Feurio with NEC2500

Whenever i decide to use Feurio with my NEC2500 to write audio cd’s i get this messege:

WARNING: CD-ROM-device(s) were not detected by the ASPI-manager!

You have configured the access mode “ASPI” for Feurio!, i.e. Feurio! uses the ASPI-manager for accessing the devices.

But Feurio! noticed, that the drive(s): “F:” were not detected by the ASPI-manager - so Feurio! can’t access this/these drive(s).
Probably your ASPI-manager isn’t up-to-date, or you’re using USB- or Firewire-drives, that are not recognised by the ASPI-manager.

To use this/these drive(s), either you can update the ASPI-manager, or toggle the access-mode of Feurio! to “DeviceIoControl”. To do this, please select at the menu “Program” the entry “Program parameters”, then select the property sheet “Access mode” - there select “DeviceIoControl”.

I cannot select my NEC to write with, the only drive i can write with is my other writer the LTR-52327S.

My ASPI is installed and working butIf i do change to DEVICEIOCONTROL, it doesnt come up with an error but i still cant select to write with it.

My NEC is Secondary Master on the motherboard.

Please Help

according to this page:
your drive is only supported by Feurio! 1.67.5

Maybe you have Feurio 1.66 or 1.67 and you need to install the latest drive update 1.67.5:

That’s the reason why you can’t select the drive, because your version doesn’t support that NEC.

I recommend to use the native Win32 interface (DeviceIOControl).
Maybe you’re using an old ASPI version or something with ASPI drivers. Forget about ASPI and use the native interface better.

Thanks it worked!