[Feurio] - TKD VeloCD 321040B

I just installed this drive and when I try to use Feurio I receive error messages - the messages say that the drive is not recognized by the Feurio database so I don’t know what Feurio driver to use. Also, it’s not showing up as a burnproof drive. Is anyone successfully using this drive with Feurio and if so could you please tell me what settings you use? thanks

Your trouble is not with the drive.
Just uninstall Feurio first ( possibly clean the registery ), and then install it again - then the drive should be recognized by Feurio.
As simple as that.

I contacted Feurio support and this drive is not supported, but it’s really a Liteon so I am able to use the driver for the Liteon, which is supported.

Sure :wink: