Feurio question.. im puzzled



Well i downloaded Feurio, seems like a great program so far, however, for some reason I cant figure out how to get it to connect to the CDDB database and get the info on a CD I inserted.
Supposedly it does it automatically when you insert a disk, but nothing at all happens, it doesnt act as if its even trying, and I get no message whatsoever.
I looked in vain for some sort of button that say “push this to download the data for your CD”.
I have a wierd feeling its something super obvious.
I tried different settings in the database settings dialog, to no avail.


Hmm ok I saw something that makes me think it is in fact contacting the CDDB database each time I insert a CD, however, all of the album info, artist, track titles etc… still remain blank, none of it is getting filled in.
How do I tell it to fill all that info in?

hmm, in fact it is downloading the correct album information, if I go to the database tab and go to the CDDB cache, the album is listed there. So Now I just need to figure out how to get the album info to fill in all the track names and such.
Anyone know how to do that???


maybe here:
CD-ROM menu -> CD detection dialog -> show dialog

if you delete the current entry from “Personal database” or “background personal database”, you can choose the other entries, AFAIK…


Doing that shows me Feurio downloading the CD info, but it doesnt import the CD info into the track listing.
All I can get under the Cd-Rom tab is
Artist: blank
Title: Unknown CD #C00D180D15648FDD

tracks all just say Trackxx
So when i rip the MP3s, none have the actual track names, only unknown3424blah blah.mp3 stuff

I believe I figured it out. I went to that menu you sent me to, and deleted all the other entries it contained, including the ‘unknown’ one. With one entry left, I double clicked it, and viola!! it entered itself in.
Thanks for the nudge in the correct direction!