Feurio only burns @ 16X on 40X burner?

Why does Feurio! only burn at 16X on my 40X burner even why i have chosen to burn at 40X?

Well, you have a non supported burner, don’t you?

Maybe the writer slows down speed because it detects that it’s better to write that CDR at 16x. This is easy to know if the same happens with another program (Nero?) and the same CDR.

Of course, all recordings will start at 16x and then the speed will increase, because that’s not a CLV drive. Besides, I think that 16x is a very good speed for audio burning (I have a 32x writer, and I never use more than 16x).

You can try another generic driver in Feurio.


I clearly understand your frustration, but this is better than nothing anyway.
Try minix’s suggestion of the other driver.

As for me, when it comes to audio, I would succesfully burn my stuff @4x-16x.
So, the speed is not everything in audio making.

yer i guess u people are right.:smiley:

Nero burns my cds at a full 40X though. O well, i guess its only 1 program that does this, and since it is audio i should burn it slower anyway.

btw… this used to happen for clonecd as well, until i changed the write mode to RAW SAO or something. Maybe the write mode is unsopported?

I gues i cant complain anyway since the burn came out perfectly! I am listening to the cd now in my Sony CD player, and so far Feurio! hasn’t stuffed up by burning it craply! :o Such as in Nero which i keep stuffing up cds.(which i think you have read in my previous threads:bigsmile: )

Guess i will have to wait until my drive is fully supported!

Maybe the “Optimum speed control”, of whatever the drive calls this, is enabled in Feurio for this drive.