Feurio! not recognizing my burner



I am trying to burn files that I have ripped with EAC w/ Feurio! but it is not recognizing my burner I have also tried the same with CDRWIN and the same as well…I’m not sure if it has to do with the IDEs in the same port…I’m not a fan of “buring on the fly” so thats why I prefer this method

Any help would awesome!!! Thanks

One of the popups on Feurio!>>>>>

Warning: You’re using two IDE-devices (E: [0, 0, 0] HP - DVD Writer 640c and F: [0, 1, 0] ASUS - CD-S480/A5), that are connected to the same IDE-port (if this is not the case, you can ignore this message).


A fundamental problem of the IDE-bus is that the bus is not capable of “multi-tasking”, i.e. if one device is busy handling a command, the bus is locked until the device has finished the command - even if no data is being transmitted!
(The IDE-BUS has no “DISCONNECT”!)
In particular this means that the bus is locked while writing the leadin/leadout.
This can cause the following problems when a writer is connected to the IDE-bus with other devices:

  • Writer is connected with another writer:
    Recording with both writers at the same time is normally not possible, since both writers block each other. If one writer is busy with handling a recording command, the other is blocked at that time!

  • Writer is connected with a CD-Rom:
    While writing you can have problems accessing the CD-Rom; error-free grabbing is often not possible then. In particular “on-the-fly” copies are often not possible.
    Even “ejecting” the CD-Rom can cause a buffer-underrun of the writer as the CD-Rom locks the bus while ejecting for a longer time, so that the writer receives no data in that time.

These problems stated here need not occur: Some writer avoid these fundamental problems of the IDE-bus by “cutting” some commands, that would take “too much” time with a special code; this code tells Feurio! that it should “ask” again in a while whether the command has finished - thus releasing the bus.

In principle we strongly recommend connecting the writer as a single device to one IDE-port, if possible!

Particulary, in our experience writing to two writers connected to one port does NOT work in most cases!

If you want to work with more than one writer at the same time, we STRONGLY recommend to use SCSI-CD-Writers!