Feurio & EAC : Best Setting For Liteon 40125W


I would like to know which are the best settings for Liteon 40125W, on this two killer apps :), which are Feurio & EAC.

Can you help me ???

PS : It’s Liteon 40125W with WS9 Firmware.


The Liteon CD-Writer has never given me any glitches for ripping Audio CDs regardless of the CD, ripping software or settings used.

In Exact Audio Copy, I would recommend using ‘Secure mode’ if you are ripping CDs that have any sort of scratches, fingerprints, etc. or if has skipped before while being played. Using the Secure mode causes the software to reread every sector twice (once to read and again to verify). Otherwise, use Burst Mode on CDs as it’s much quicker (4 - 5 times) than the Secure mode. I haven’t used Feurio, as EAC has all the features I need to get the CD Titles off the Web and the Audio off the CD on to the hard drive. If you are talking about copy protected CDs, I haven’t encountered or purchased any of these yet. :slight_smile:

use low speeds to rip and secure mode

also try c2 error correction

Secure Mode
Drives caches audio data
Error C2

Spin Up drive

read offset = +12
speed reduc
cd text

gap meth A

write offset = -6

that’s all :slight_smile: