Feurio! Driver Update (Version 1.66.5)

Feurio!® - Writer update, version 1.66.5
contains drivers for :

 NEW) A-Open CD-RW CRW4850 
(NEW) A-Open CD-RW CRW5224 
(NEW) CyberDrive CW078D 
(NEW) CyberDrive CW088D 
(NEW) CyberDrive CW099D 
Lite-On LTR-48125S (Some errors corrected)
(NEW) Lite-On LTR-48246S (Without guranty)!
(NEW) Lite-On LTR-52246S 
(NEW) LG GCC 4120B 
(NEW) LG GCC 4320B 
(NEW) LG GCE 8480B 
(NEW) LG GCE 8481B 
(NEW) LG GCE 8520B 
(NEW) Mitsumi CR-485E TE 
(NEW) MSI Dragonwriter MS-8348A 
(NEW) Plextor Plexwriter PX-W4012S (Plexwriter 40/12/40S) 
(NEW) Plextor PX-W320A (PlexCombo 20/10/40-12A) 
(NEW) Plextor PX-504A 
Samsung SW-248B (Some errors corrected)
Sony CRX 210E1 (Some errors corrected)
(NEW) Sony CRX 215A1 (Without guranty)!
(NEW) Sony CRX 220A1 
(NEW) Sony CRX 220E1 
(NEW) Sony DW-U10A 
(NEW) TDK CyClone 241040B (Without guranty)!
(NEW) TDK CyClone 482448B 
(NEW) Teac CD-W548E 
(NEW) Teac DW-224E 
(NEW) Traxdata CDRW 481248tx (Without guranty)!
(NEW) Traxdata CDRW 522452tx (Without guranty)!

Owner of other CD-Writers do NOT require this package. 

is it me or Feurio doesn’t directly support any DVD+/-RW burner out there? even the long-available models, like pretty common pioneer -RW units?

beware! i don’t expect Feurio burning DVD-Audio :stuck_out_tongue: , i mean support for the CD-RW functions inside those dvd burners out there…

(got Feurio updated, my nec nd-1000a cannot get recognized, although i tried out generic drivers and they DO work… but it seems to me not using the full specs of the unit itself: for example, burning cdrw goes only @4x instead of max 10x allowed by the unit…)

any clue?

Originally posted by babaz

is it me or Feurio doesn’t directly support any DVD+/-RW burner out there?

beware! i don’t expect Feurio burning DVD-Audio :stuck_out_tongue: , i mean support for the CD-RW functions inside those dvd burners out there…

for example, burning cdrw goes only @4x instead of max 10x allowed by the unit…)

Well, first of all, nothing’s wrong with Feurio!® for that matter > it is a CD burning utility for the creation of audio CDs, and AFAIK CD-RWs have never been good at that.

  1. Secondly, DVD burners are NOT supported by Feurio!®, which main task is strictly to record quality audio.

  2. Hopefully you’re gonna get your chance of burning CD-RWs @10x, when it’s allowed by the software itself.

sorry pal,
maybe something got missunderstood here…

when i say CD-RW in don’t refer to RE-Writeable supports, expecially… i mean the function of burning some CD-R/CD-RW supports that is for AUDIO

  1. ok, feurio is for audio quality, but nonetheless these DVD burning drives burn dvd’s yes, but they DO burn also good old cd-r/cd-rw so this is not an excuse for Feurio not supporting any DVD burning drive… uh?

  2. actually audio burning on cd-rw @10x is already implemented in feurio since long (i did it so many times with my former lite-on 32x10x40x buner…)

dont’ take me wrong, but i would expect something higher than ‘it is what it is, and it’ll be what it’ll be!’ thingie…


I really wonder :confused: why your DVD-writer :rolleyes: is not among the [COLOR=darkblue]supported by Feurio!® CD-Writers ?[/COLOR] :bigsmile:

sorry boskin, but i cannot understand your line…
maybe, and i say maybe, you don’t know how a dvd buner works?

c’mon, in a while a lot of cd-ONLY burners out there will be replaced by dvd AND cd burner units… nevertheless people would still enjoy burning some plain vanilla audio-cd once in a while

but, thanks to the limited hardware support in Feurio, they could discover with much surprise they cannot do this, 'coz mighty feurio just need you to have a oh-so-vintage cd-r/rw burner to work

ehi! i’m feeling like someone talking to a dead tree!
i repeat: i think it’s at least ‘strange’ that an (otherwise) excellent audio program like Feurio cannot cope with not-so-new dvd AND cd burners out there…

am i asking such a weird question? :eek: :eek:

@ BoSkin ,you seem to like Feurio alot.I would like you to explain the difference between Feurio and Plextools to me.I use Pextools to rip and also to burn audio,is there a reason why I shouldn´t?and start using Feurio instead?Or ´do you just use Feurio to burn?Please explain to me(or at least try to so I can understand)/gs

Originally posted by gene_simmons
@ BoSkin, you seem to like Feurio alot.
I would like you to explain the difference between Feurio and Plextools to me.

In fact, I like them both a lot !

If you are used to Plextools, then just stick to it, 'coz it has all the necessary basics for ripping and burning.
I have always said that both Feurio!® and PlexTools are my very favorite audio SWs.

Yet I still prefer Feurio!® thanks to this :

  1. CD Writer has an excellent robust engine that can run in the background using only very little of CPU.
    Supports simultaneous writing to multiple CD-Writers and CDs. The excellent ripping capabilities.

  2. Feurio!® can report C2 errors during the copy process. Most of the drives will present an error message at the next read operation after this switch is activated.
    Shows warning message when C2 errors occur: if activated, a dialog box will be displayed each time a C2 error occured.

  3. Feurio!® can compress or decompress files. The MP3 files are decoded during the write process when the relevant codec/encoder is installed.

  4. Track Editor:
    You can change the length of tracks, make them fade in or fade out, split tracks (especially useful if you record from tapes or records), or merge tracks together.
    You can also adjust the volumes of tracks individually, or adjust the volume of the entire CD. The volume adjustment is great when recording from downloaded mp3s, which can have wildly varying volumes for different tracks.
    The changes to the tracks are made as your CD is being recorded, so your original files are not changed. If you want to make sure the final CD will sound right, you can use the Virtual CD Player to see exactly how the CD will sound after it is burned.

  5. Pauses between the tracks can be set as follows :

*Insert no pauses between the tracks - round track marks
*Minimum pauses - Fill up tracks to multiple of sector size
*Insert a 2 second pause between the tracks
*User-defined pauses

  1. Feurio!® also includes a graphic editor identical to the one included with Nero, which lets you create jewel case inserts based on the titles of the WAV and MP3 files. They can be manually edited, as well.

  2. Buffer:
    All CD recorders have an internal buffer that has to remain at least partially full so there can be a constant stream of information to put on the disc.
    Feurio!® offers you a secondary buffer, size determined by the user, that will feed the CD recorder buffer.

  3. CD-R Capacity Test
    For this Feurio!® simulates burning an ”outsized” CD. When the CD-Writer can’t write anymore (because it has reached the end of the CD-R), Feurio!® shows this error message and the position the error occured. ”Test size” determines the size of the test CD.
    Feurio!® virtually creates a ”Dummy-CD” with the determined playing time.

This information is necessary, because the CD-Writer already needs the ”Table of Contents” (the CD’s directory) before starting the burn process. Some CD-Writers generally refuse to burn CDs that exceed the nominal capacity.

  1. CD-R Database
    Because the CD-Writer only reports the ”nominal” playing time of a CD-R, you normally have to remember or write down the results of the CD-R Capacity Test.
    To free you from this annoying job Feurio!® supports a CD-R database.
    After you finished the CD-R Capacity Test you can add the maximum capacity to the CD-R database.
    When you insert a CD-R of this type in the future, both the nominal AND the maximum CD-R capacity will appear in the status line of the Main dialog.

  2. ATIP Information
    Also ATIP (Absolute Time In Pre-groove) information can be found on a CD-R / CD-RW
    Several different information about the CD-R / CD-RW that shall help the CD-Writer to write the CD-R best possible are stored here.
    Feurio! can read out and display these information in this dialog box if this feature is supported by the CD-Writer.
    Normal CD-Rs usually have stored information about: Lead-in beginning, maximum lead-out position, manufacturer code and ”Target Writing Power”.

  3. The CD Database
    Feurio!® stores all entered and burnt CDs in a database, so you only have to enter the information once and all titles will be available the next time.

It’s not a full range of what Feurio!® does or can, but I’m quite sure that there are many dedicated Feurio!® lovers out there,
like e.g. minix, that definitely have their good and much more detailed points to add to mine.

Yes, I’m a Feurio lover :p, but I don’t have a Plextor burner, so I can’t compare Plextools with Feurio.
IMO, if you only want to copy a disc and forget, then Feurio shouldn’t have any advantage over Plextools.
Plextools should have better “error correction” and it’s as fast extracting… Feurio only detects if there are C2 errors.

But if you want something to organise your compilations I guess Feurio is better. When you open Feurio you have all your projects there, to hear, edit a bit, add songs… (You don’t have to search in your hard disk to get a compilation).
Sometimes I found myself searching for the songs I burned in a disc, and with Feurio you have all the projects (well, the “structure” or “cuesheet”) in a folder (even the deleted ones), and there’s also a burning log with all your burnings (dates, speed, minimum buffer levels, etc.).
It also hides the process of extracting to a specific folder in the hard disk, so maybe you save a bit of time there and then searching for the WAVs or CUE. Also, the track editor is the fastest althought very limited.

The reason I started using Feurio some years ago was its burning engine. I don’t know anything that can resist buffer underruns better than Feurio in a poor working system. Nowadays, with BurnProof and faster CPUs this is not usually important, althought sometimes it can make a difference or is useful if you want to make multiple burnings.
Also, the drivers support is usually the best (CD-Text tuning and overburning basically), althought more limited in the amount of burners.

The most useful features that I find lately, are the detection of defective frames in MP3s (Feurio also has a perfect MP3 decoder) and the settings of pauses. You can’t find these features in almost no other burning program.

So, at least, I’d use Feurio to burn MP3s and Cuesheet projects before anything else. EAC and Plextools have advantages ripping difficult discs, but I still use Feurio with C2 errors reports usually. (EAC is too slow for me). The big disadvantage is that Feurio is not free, unlike EAC or Plextools, althought the demo is unrrestricted.

@ babaz, maybe they are waiting for Feurio 2 to support DVD/CDRW burners… I don’t know, it’s a pity…

i do hope so… in the meantime i’ve found that it’s working using palin vanilla Generic-MMC driver: no overburn, no cd-text, no buffer underrun (but the burning engine is strong enough as we know…)

so i may live with it i suppose

@ BoSkin;so a difference in track editor and a slightly difference in pause adjusting is why you use Feurio,roijth?Perhaps this is something to bite in for the Plexxie guys and perhaps adjust in furter coming PlexTools??/gs

Originally posted by babaz

is it me or Feurio doesn’t directly support any DVD+/-RW burner out there?

got Feurio updated, my nec nd-1000a cannot get recognized…
Both NEC ND-1100A and NEC ND-1300A are now supported by Feurio 1.66.1/2ß

tnx boskin, i’ve already read about it a few days ago… too bad it’s still a beta release and i’m still using unregistered version of Feurio :stuck_out_tongue: - let’s wait for the next release…

btw tnx again for ur great posting about media and burning in general, now i finally understand what grade A and beta category (-/+) MEAN!

better late than never :wink:

Feurio supports all drives of manufacturers which are interested in such support (and show this by sending drives for free and helping with technical support if a drive does not want to cooperate with Feurio).

Pioneer, for example, is not interested in such support.

and they are working on dvd-audio support…

Originally posted by damiandimitri
and they are working on dvd-audio support…

i was supposing this would have been the next step, quite obvious dealing with an audio-specific tool like Feurio…

it is already prepared in the latest beta version…but if i am correct they need to handle some legal stuff

Originally posted by alexnoe

Pioneer, for example, is not interested in such support.
Asus is another such example, too bad.


Thanks for you kind words ! :smiley: