Feurio Driver for Plextor PX-716AL

I recently replaced my drive with the PX-716AL. Feurio doesn’t seem to think that the generix MMC driver will work with my drive since it isn’t on the approved list. A test and burn seemed to work ok.

What driver are others with this drive using? Should the generic driver be ok?

I have a Plextor PX 760-A and I can’t find a Feurio driver for it in the Feurio list. The Plextor has BURN-Proof but feurio won’t recognize the BURN-Proof and I get buffer underruns. I’ve written to feurio support but have no response. If I get one I’ll post it here. Meanwhile if someone can tell me which other Feurio driver to use I’ll be most grateful.

All the nowadays EIDE drives are working based on the Generic MMC driver. So we just need to choose that driver. Then the drives will work.

(PX-760A and Premium2 tested and verified OK)