Feurio copy problem!



Are there people having the same experience with this audio-burning program "hearing a voice saying: illegal copy" after having burnt ?? copies ; I don't know after how many, but had the experience twice now...(also with the first copy of a compilation CD) It has probably to do with the cracked version I use but still weird.First I thought it was an enhanced audio CD...but understood it was the program itself. Are there solutions besides registering...


I had the same problem too.
Weird guy hej, the programmer of Feurio.
Just leave Feurio unregistered, it only costs you one extra mouseclick to use it…


I know for sure now it has to do with the cracked version…I got whole Germany all over me when I posed the question on a german newsgroup…(watch your step); anyway the choice is ours: either using the unrestricted demo-verion (with 2 extra windows) or paying Jens (the weird programmer) 49 Dm …like CloneCD I think it’s worth the support!!!