Feurio! CD Writer v1.65.6 update

Feurio! CD Writer v1.65.6 update
New Burners:
LG GCE 8400B
Samsung SW-232B
Samsung SW-240B


Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Actually it’s just another [COLOR=purple]Feurio!® BETA-Version: 1.65.6ß

which is 1.65.6_165 and " will only work with REGISTRED copies of Feurio! -
it does NOT work with the DEMO version! "

The former one, v. 1.65.5ß = 1.65.5_165 = 1.65.6 have been available since 7.10.02

Well, thanks for the info though !

Once again, the new Feurio! is called 1.65.5ß or Feurio_Update_165.6_165 or 1.65.8 ( 12.11.2002 )

Enjoy ! :wink: