Feurio and Philips SPD6000FD

Hi, I have the DVD Lightscribe burner SPD6000FD.

When i run Feurio 1.68, the program tells me that can’t find a compatible driver, and that i can choose one generic driver from the list…
Which driver i can choose?? Anyone have my same problem?

Feurio!® is a great, if not the best, audio burning program.
Unfortunately their support leaves a lot to be desired. The program is updated to include the newer drives very infrequently. Not even one per year.
As such, you must use generic MMC drivers for newer drives which are not in their database.

Your burn speed is thus reduced to about 8X maximum.

I have the same problem with my Benq DW1655. Fortunately, the v1.68 update did include my NEC ND3500 and my main drive for burning audio CD was already supported (Lite-On).