Feurio and 35xx

Anybody using a 3500 series drive with Feurio that can give me all the device parameters to fill in using a NEC firmware (1.04/3.04)? My 3520A isn’t supported yet. I’ve not gotten a response from Feurio’s author either. Thanks!

Same problem here. I just tried a burn with Feurio on my new NEC burner and came across this problem. Weird…

A solution would be appreciated.


Using a NEC3520 and a LiteOn832 with Feurio. Both writers are not supported directly by Feurio. There is no update since Vesion1.68, dont know why.
So the only thing you can do is manually select your Writer.
Open the Feurio Writer, select Program, device list and select the writer you want to use.
Select device-info then go to driver and select “generic_mmc.dll” and mark select device as writer. You have also to mark cd-text override in preferences, otherwise you are not able to burn with cd-text.
Thats all, and your NEC writer should work.
Hope I could help, cause i`m a german and using Feurio german version, so I dont know if I translated all the buttons correctly.


LiteOn812@832S-VS0G, NEC-ND3520AW-Liggys&Dees-1.UF

I will give that a try later. Thank you!