Feurio: adjusting volume level of compilation tracks before burning?

i have been using feurio successfully for the last week or so and need some pointers on the finer points of controlling volume levels of songs extracted from a variety of cds before i burn them to a cdr.

since these songs come from many sources, styles, and eras, the perceived volume of the individual wave files can vary widely when played back from the hard drive before burning.

feurio’s track editor has controls designed to do this. i have tried them but doubt if i am using them efficiently.

i am just trying to have all tracks on a burned cdr play back at about the same level–probably within 3 db or so–so that i am not always wanting to nudge the volume control up or down from track to track, which is a nuisance.

there seems to be 3 methods:

1: use the track editor to adjust ALL tracks in a project

2: use the track editor to adjust on a track by track basis.

both of these choices are available under the “extra” menu.

3: it seems you can bypass the “extra” menu entirely and just dial in an “amplitude” setting in the box in the lower right corner of the editor main screen. this seems to affect only the track that is currently playing.

what’s the real world difference between method 2 and method 3??? i can’t detect any difference by ear–am i missing something?

i don’t find the visual depiction of the wave files very useful–you have to do it by ear.

does anyone have a lot of experience fiddling with these controls and can recommend the quick and dirty way to do what i need to do??? i just spent about 90 minutes doing a manual adjustment of volume on a 30 track compilation and would hope there is a better/quicker way???


Would you please click on the link to read some answers on this issue :

[COLOR=darkblue]Different sound Levels when burning Audio

or simply call the Track Editor and hit F1 in order to get as follows : [/COLOR]

Dialog: Recording Audio Data

Feurio! can record data from any audio source that has been connected to the computer’s soundcard.

· Recording source:

Select the soruce for recording here.

  • Sound Card:

If you have several soundcards installed in your system, you can select the one you want to use for recording here (i. e. the souncard the audio source is attached to).

  • Selecting input and level with soundcard:

The input (e. g. microphone, internal CD-ROM and so one) and recording level are controlled by the control panel of the soundcard.

Most of the soundcards install a control panel for controlling the channels of the soundcard. Usually you can find a loudspeaker icon in the system tray. Double-click on this icon to access the control panel of the sound card. The details depend on the soundcard - therefore we can not give further explanations. For further details please take a look at your soundcard´s help.

  • Selecting input and level with Feurio!:

The input (e. g. microphon, internal CD-ROM and so one) and recording level are controlled by Feurio!

Selecting the input and controlling the recording level may not work wilh all soundcards correctly (the interface for accessing the mixer is very complicated) - therefore bugs in the soundcards drivers or Feurio! can not be thoroughly precluded.
Furthermore Feurio! only offers the ”basic options” - some soundcards offer extended features (e.g. equalizer, filters, …) - of course these features can only be used with the soundcard´s software.

  • Input:

(Only visible if ”Selecting input and level with Feurio!” is activated).
Select the input the audio source is attached to, i. e. the one you want to record from, here.
Note: The language of the selection box is the one of the soundcard drivers. If the text is e. g. in a wrong language, probably the ”wrong” language of the soundcard driver has been installed.
If the text is somehow incorrect, most probably the soundcard driver is the source of error!

  • Level:

(Only visible if ”Selecting input and level with Feurio!” is activated).

Select the level control for the recording here.
To achieve the best possible recording quality, adjust the level this way, that the level control display just makes it into the ”red zone” during the loudest parts of the piece of music.
NOTE: If the level is to low, i. e. despite maximum recording level the level control display doesn´t reach the ”red zone”, you have adjust the source level - if the source is e. g. the microphon output of an amplifier, you have to turn up the volume on the amplifier)

  • Balance:

(Only visible if ”Selecting input and level with Feurio!” is activated).
Control the balance of the recording here.
A ”neutral” balance (selecting the switch ”Neutral”) means, that both channels are recorded evenly.
If the balance is e. g. shifted to the left, the left channel will be recorded ”louder” than the right channel.
So this value should be set to ”Neutral”, as long as you don´t have a source with ”bad” balance, that shall be corrected.

· Record-Position:

Determines the position at which the track is to be recorded.

  • Re-record Track (Write over track which already exists):

The old track is deleted and written over by a newly recorded track. (Not yet implemented)

  • Record new Track:

A new track is recorded, the track is inserted after the selected track.

  • Maximum length of recording:

Gives the maximum possible length of recording (= available hard-disk memory).

Note: Due to the wave format, a wave file can be a maximum of 2.1 GB; therefore the maximum recording length is limited to 3 hours, 22 minutes, if ”wave” has been selected as format.

  • Recording time:

A maximum time for the recording can be entered here (e.g. for recording a song from a record). After the time entered here has expired, the recording stops automatically.

The time can be entered as seconds or in the form of ”Minutes:Seconds”…

From: Feurio! CD-Writer online help © by Fangmeier Systemprogrammierung

Hopefully this may help :smiley: