FES settings for Liteon 163 and Liteon 24102B

I have a question under reader settings…

I thought the default was hardware correction with 0 retries for both the Liteon LTD 163 and Liteon 24102B…when I installed clonecd 4 beta 14…it was set to software and 0 retries for both the DVD and cdrw

It’s ‘set once & forget’ for each device. I have found that as I moved through the betas, sometimes I removed all settings as well, don’t do that! Click default or if you have a Litey or Toshy just set to “0” & “Hardware”. If left at “software” it will will recognise the device and stick to the most compatible; in this case hardware.

Are you saying both the Liteon dvd and cdrw will support hardware FES???

Yes - they will not run in software mode; the writers never have run in ‘software’ if your DVD does ‘software’ post a log.

the reason I asked it I installed the beta 14 and default was software and I remember from other versions it was hardware …so I was unsure if Olli changed something